Last spring I went with my daughters to a fun fair/market at a farm in the Santa Cruz mountains. It was called the Goat Hill Fair. My girls loved looking at and buying the upcycled creations. Their favorite was jewelry made out of found and purchased objects. We bought some fun pieces,  you can see more about our adventures at the fair here. I also told them it would be fun making our own. I bought a few supplies I found on Etsy and also scrounged around the house for broken bits and pieces, old keys and buttons, etc. We had our first round of jewelry making on Sunday and plan to do another set this weekend as well. Besides the jewelry bits and pieces, I also purchased a set of pliers from Michaels and some glue. Overall it was super easy to create cute little necklaces and rings. My daughters plan on giving some to their friends as well as keeping some. This could also be the perfect project for a birthday party. We are by no means pros but it was a fun, creative way to spend a couple of hours together! Perfect for an upcoming rainy day and a great gift idea for friends and teachers.