I feel like summer just finally arrived and my kids are already back in school. I’m just not ready to hang up the beach towels and frosty drinks and pull out my winter boots yet, in fact the idea just totally pisses me off.

Homemade Rocket Pops

I’m going to be dragged into Fall kicking and screaming, here are some of the ways that I’m telling Mother Nature and the School District to Bite Me:

Popsicles are a great summery dessert, not too sinful and now they are a fun project too. This popsicle mold is from PB Kids, but you can get them from lots of stores. Put your favorite juice in them on Thursday night and they’ll be ready when the kids get home from school on Friday.

Water Balloon Fights, one of my favorite sports.

Another great summer tradition is water balloon fights. Or in my case, water balloon ambushes. I will spend over an hour filling up water balloons and as the kids walk up to the house (or get out of the carpool minivan), I launch an attack designed for total shock and awe. It usually takes them about a minute to recover and grab the garden hose and then, of course, I’m toast.

We’ve been enjoying dinner outside every night because before long it will be too dark and too cold by 5:00pm and I will be wishing I could have a warm summer evening. We have a little fire pit in the backyard so my pantry ALWAYS has s’mores supplies handy.

You're never too old for S'mores.

This is fun even when it’s cold out. And you don’t need a firepit, a bbq works and my super resourceful yet lazy children have been know to use a candle when they don’t want to go outside. For a twist on the old standard, add peanut butter between the cracker and the chocolate or use oatmeal cookies instead of graham crackers. Mmmm.