My Personal Space - No Kids Allowed

Let’s face it, the kids and the effin’ dog own the house. We pay the bills, but they run the place. Evidence of their existence follows them from room to room. It’s time for moms who appreciate a well-appointed room (free of toys, stale snacks and fur) to revolt and reclaim some square footage. Your own bedroom is the perfect place to create a spa-like haven, where you can read a book or rekindle your romance.

MILF Workstation

Adding a chair with an ottoman, a sweet little bench or a loveseat transforms your room from the place you sleep, change and hopefully get jiggy to a place where you can escape from the chaos of parenthood with a nice beverage and have a time out. It also provides another place to do the wild thing 🙂

Because I’m in my forties and it takes a WHOLE LOT OF EFFORT to be  smokin’ hot, and because I’m a hard core multi-tasker, I decided that I needed a place to work my magic while listening to the news and sucking down my required 40 ounces of coffee in the morning. So I found a super cute little dressing table at a consignment store, painted it white and set up camp. Getting ready for work has changed from a big rush to a nice time to pamper myself.

My favorite little photo in my favorite little frame.

Don’t forget that the ceiling can be an opportunity to decorate, I hung these beautiful glass angel trumpets in my “workstation” instead of a chandelier. And making a space into your nirvana requires a collection of things you love. The beauty is in the details so include special photographs, fresh flowers, or art from a great trip that will bring back fond memories.

Above all else, DO NOT LET YOUR KIDS INVADE YOUR TERRITORY. It’s okay to have a place to call your own.