Not your average meeting space...

Who says your workspace has to be full of drab gray cubicles? Our all-girl design studio is set up for hard work in a creative environment. We have the top half of a big historic Crafstman house on a tree lined street, next door to the local library and around the corner from the downtown shopping area. Poor us, it’s so hard to work when there are all of these wonderful distractions.

Mod letters from the dollar bins at Michaels!

We love to decorate with type, there are so many super cool things you can do with letters. We are narcissistic typophiliacs, our initials are everywhere in our studio. You can get initial hooks from Anthropologie, small or large individual letters from Ballard Designs, and we found our black letters with sassy white stitching at Michaels Crafts in the dollar section!

Our custom wall mural

Whether you work at home or away from home, it doesn’t suck to work hard when you have a fabulous place to do the job.

The beauty is in the details...

The conference room