We escaped motherhood for a trip to NYC for work. No really, we are working. Wink wink. We arrived after a long but pleasant flight across the US. We did NOT have to pack snacks and activities and worry about anyone squirming or screaming or needing to pee just as the Fasten Seat Belt sign came on (besides me).

Central Park in Spring

The hard work began when we got dropped off at beautiful, breathtaking, amazing Central Park to appreciate the greenery and find inspiration for our next floral collection.


Dr. Seuss Flowers

We loved the park and only saw one serial killer type (a little disappointing, honestly, I was hoping for a freak show).

Our next stop was at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which we went to because we thought that we should want to since we’re designers. Our plan was to buzz through it so we could tell everyone we did and then hurry over to see the dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum. We ended up spending hours there, admiring beautiful sculptures, visiting paintings we studied in Art History, and making fun of some of the modern art displays (giant black squares, really?). We thought we’d drop by the Alexander McQueen exhibit because there was so much hype about it and OH MY GOD – IT WAS AMAZING!!! Photos were not allowed but I will dedicate a whole blog to this genius eventually, it’s the most inspiring thing I’ve seen in a really long time.

Teeny Tiny People on a vertical wall, crazy cool.

I’m posting photos all week on facebook, like this one of the perfect man. And stay tuned, my next entry will be about Crazy Fucking Cab Drivers From Hell.

Mr. Wonderful. Big package, no talking, no remote.