Part of my feels like Valentine’s Day (hereafter referred to as VD, cuz I just can’t help myself) is an engineered holiday invented by florists and stationery companies to beef up business. And the less cranky part of me loves to do something fun for my kids and my hubby in honor of VD to show them how much they mean to me. If you’re inspired to make your Valentine smile today, send them an e-card from hoops & yoyo – they are a brilliant pair invented by the creatives at Hallmark, their cards are hysterical for every occasion and their VD cards are no exception.

hoops & yoyo

My kids got big fat chocolate bars and hoops & yoyo cards with breakfast today, they started the morning laughing together, which is just about the best way a family can start the day.

We’ll continue to milk the free-pass-to-eat-sugary-crap-cuz-it’s-a-holiday tradition tonight. Red Velvet cupcakes are on the menu (I confess, I didn’t bake them myself this time because I’m partied out from my son’s birthday yesterday) but they’ll be a nice surprise and they are oh-so perfect for VD.

And while my husband will enjoy the frosting from the cupcakes, let’s be honest. All he really wants is crazy monkey sex so I guess I’ll wear my spikey knee high boots to bed instead of my sweats tonight.

So I guess VD is like an engineered Boy Bands, I love me some Backstreet Boys even if they didn’t start out in a grungy garage…