It all started with me cleaning out my art hutch. It was a smallish hutch with so much crap piled in it that things like ribbon and glue guns fell out when I opened the doors. The cute little hutch is in my cute little home office. Which I then decided needed to be totally re-designed to better store all of my art crap. So I decided to move the cute little hutch into the guest bedroom. But first I would have to get rid of the big corner hutch that was already in the guest room. Do you see where this is going? Soon I had not one, but two rooms looking like a shitstorm had blown through them.

my little home office - before...

This is what my little office looked like last week. After moving the hutch into the other room (and cleaning out and giving away the other hutch) I started thinking that the carpet needed to go. No connection between the hutch and the carpet, that’s just how my mind ricochets. So while my husband was at work I emptied the room (and left it all blocking a hallway) and took a big ass utility knife to the carpet to see what was underneath. To my great surprise it was shitty plywood held down by a million crooked nails. Too late to turn back, I started my carpet cutting in the middle of the room.

turns out it's easy to rip out carpet

Obviously an empty room with crappy floors must be painted, whether it needs a new coat or not. So I ditched my mess and went to the paint store to peruse color swatches named Fairy Dust and Moth Ball. I decide this room will be industrious but feminine since I plan to get work done in there but it’s attached to my bedroom. My other motive was to make it real girlie so that all my boys stay the hell out of it. I’m going to hide my power drill and toolbox under a basket of tampons so even if they find it, they won’t want to touch it. This is how my little office looked by Sunday night:

always wanted a pink room

Stay tuned, my next post will be the furniture and flooring ideas I’m pondering. Send my your suggestions (unless they are rude or fugly).