We always get together for Mother’s Day – we have to squeeze it in between soccer games, lacrosse games and life in general and it may not always be the exact day, but you always have to celebrate mom! I have a few favorite recipes that I make that are pretty easy. Most can be made the night before and cooked the next day or left cold, some have been passed down from family and some I’ve tried from cookbooks and loved, here are a few.

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I love making French Toast Casserole. It’s super easy and everyone loves it. Paula Deen has a great recipe that can be found here. Make the day before, refrigerate it overnight and then top with the praline and cook it the next morning. Yum!

We also make a cold, spicy pasta dish. Make the day before to let all of the flavors get absorbed. It’s a great dish to bring anywhere since it is served cold.
1 lb. spaghetti
1 T crushed red pepper (less or more to your taste)
2 T sesame seeds
1/4 C vegetable oil (I use slightly less)
1/2 C sesame oil
6 T honey
6 T soy sauce
1/2 C cilantro
3/4 C peanuts
Cook spaghetti according to directions. Rinse with cold water, set aside. Heat oils and red pepper over medium heat for 3 minutes, add honey and soy sauce and heat for 1-2 minutes. Remove from heat and toss with spaghetti. Refrigerate for at least 4 hours, add remaining ingredients, toss and serve. You can also add cold chicken or shrimp or make it gluten free. If you go the gluten free route do not make the day before as the pasta tends to harden too much.


If its warm enough to fire up the grill you can try grilled chicken with peanut sauce. They are super easy to make and great finger foods. I like to put the peanut sauce in the bottom of a clear plastic cup and include a couple of chicken skewers. Easy to eat and walk and also the kids tend to love eating food that is on a stick or in a cup. You could also serve them with a yogurt cucumber sauce and pita bread.

For more recipe ideas check out our Pinterest boards, try not to drool on the keyboard! I love using Pinterest to store recipes, so much easier than saving pages out of a magazine. Now I just need to get my act together and figure out a gift!