I minored in photography in college but since then I don’t take as many pictures or really think about my composition as much when I am shooting. I love taking pictures but I usually have to contend with my kids who think it is like chinese water torture to have to sit for the annual Christmas pictures. So I am usually rushing through them like my hair is on fire! Since I got my first iPhone last year (I know a little late to the game), I’ve enjoyed playing with the photo apps. I get advice from magazines, friends and my teenage son. For them technology is implanted in their brain and they don’t know how to take a non-digital picture or what that even means. My son takes lots of pictures and he is going to upgrade from the iPhone 4 to iPhone 5 (when it comes out) just for the camera, and because he has to have the latest and greatest gadget.

One of my favorites is the TiltShift app. It is an app that takes your normal photo and makes it appear miniaturized or like a model. I’ve found that only certain types of images work such as cityscapes or things taken from above. It is fun to play with. My kids really like playing ToonPaint. You can do some pop art, a la Andy Warhol, with this one. I also really love both Lo-Mob and Hipstamatic which do similar things to your photo. These are great if you actually grew up with film because it gives it that vintage film look and there are various settings you can use.


What’s your favorite photo app or tips and tricks?