Remember this?

My little “work room” had become a place to put crap so I decided to reorganize. I took all of the furniture out so I could get a fresh perspective on the space. Then I noticed that I hate the carpet that’s been in there for 10 years. So I tore it out. Then I had crappy plywood floors. Then I figured since the carpet was torn out I might as well paint. Now it looks like this.

My new favorite room.

It was important to keep the desk clear of clutter so I have a place to do projects and wrap gifts, hence the industrial shelving with baskets so I can see that I already have a hundred spools of ribbon before I run out and buy another one.

Necessary components of gift wrapping.

I wanted a place on the wall to pin up inspirations and momentos so I made a pushpin board out of cork squares. I layered some burlap with a sheet of gift wrap that was too beautiful to use on a gift. The “wallflowers” are from, they’re super easy to put up and come in other shapes and colors.

Waiting to be covered with pinups.

Burlap valance. Yeah, I made this.


I didn’t really need a curtain on the window but I wanted a nice finished look. So I glue gunned¬†sewed this valance out of burlap and used some Simon+Kabuki white patterned cotton fabric for the panels.

My effin’ home office project is finally almost done. I still have one blank wall that needs some loving care but I’m taking a little break to give my addled brain a chance to air out and come up with something supercute. And hopefully easy.