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We survived our whirlwind of a week! We had senior ball, graduation, last day of school, a graduation party that we hosted, 2 soccer tournaments and a soccer party. I feel like I need a vacation! Thank goodness school is over.

The graduation party was a great success and everyone had a lot of fun. We were a little worried since the set up of the party was during 100 degree heat, but by 6pm it cooled off enough to be comfortable. And by 7:30 the kids had the fire pit going. The party was for my son and niece who both graduated together from High School. My sister and I did most of the planning and set up. To make our lives a little easier, we hired a taco company to do tacos at the party. This eliminated the set up, cooking and cleaning of the main dish. We added chips, salsa and watermelon. We set out big metal buckets with drinks and also had a lemonade dispenser. For easy decorations, we bought mixed flower bouquets and split them up in blue mason jars for the tables. Our main decoration was 5 x 7 photos of the two grads growing up. This continued the theme from the invitation which used a picture of them when they were little. We had approx. 80 prints made and hung them with clothes pins in the yard. The kids thought the “shrine” was a little creepy but the guests loved it and at the end of the evening we let them pick which photos they wanted to take as souvenirs. Even their friends thought it was fun looking at all of the pictures. The cakes were also a big hit. My sisters’ sister-in-law (tongue twister) made one cake for each grad plus gluten, dairy and nut free cupcakes. The cakes totally reflected each grad and everyone loved them, plus they were delicious!

The grads also got some great/creative gifts like a toiletry kit with razors, toothpaste, shampoos and other items that will be useful in the dorms. I also liked the laundry bag with detergent and quarters. My brother and sister-in-law had a lot of fun with their gift. They got a tissue box and made a card saying not to blow it all on beer money and then taped together about 50 different bills so you pulled it out like tissue, very cute/clever! All in all it was a great day and I am glad I can finally take a breather at least until August 23 when we ship him off and I will try not to use a box of tissues!

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