So I look forward to the holidays for months. I obsess over what the wrapping theme will be, whether I’ll make beef or chicken tamales for 30 on Christmas day, how many more lights can I put up this year… you get the picture. And then December 26th comes and I’m in a mad fury to take down all the decorations, get the fire hazard out of the family room and enjoy a clean quiet house that is not full of people. The day the kids are finally back at school is almost as special as Christmas morning for me.

Some people feel a little let down when all the parties and the visiting with friends and relatives end– unless your relatives are super scary or the holiday drunk that says inappropriate things. I have a long list of things to do after the holiday chaos ends but this year I’m going to fit in some things to look forward to:

1. A post-holiday lunch for girlfriends who need to decompress. I’m trying to decide whether the theme will be “Hot food for Hot Broads” or “WTFN?” (Why the F Not?). And naturally there will be a color scheme, I’m thinking hot pink with black and white.

2. A bubble bath and a good book. I’ll light some delicious candles, put a cold drink and maybe some almonds or m&m’s next to the tub and just lay there til the water gets cold. This will happen on a cloudy afternoon (instead of cleaning up dog shit or carpooling kids). My all time favorite candles are Trapp Candles.

What could be wrong with a long hot bath on a cold afternoon?

3. I’m going to trade a trip to the gym for a walk with a friend. I’ll still get exercise, get to enjoy some fresh air and catch up all at once. I could bring my effin’ dog and cross that off my list too.

4. Freshen up a room in the house with a new color. This won’t be a big project, just a nice inexpensive change that I can do in a day. Hmmm… which room will it be? I’m currently loving the colors at Restoration Hardware…

5. It’s time for a hot date with my honey. Just the two of us, no kids, no effin’ dog, no effin’ relatives.