Every year my girls jump from one costume idea to the next until a few days before Halloween, while my son usually throws it together the day before. Here are a few ideas to get you started just in case the princess costume is unavailable! They can all be thrown together with items you have on hand or a quick trip to Goodwill or the Halloween store.

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1. Scooby and the gang. This is great for a family of 5 or 5 friends. We did this one year and found all of the clothing except Scooby at Goodwill.
2. Cruella Deville and Dalmations – My daughter’s soccer team dressed as this for a tournament. They won best costume. White shirts with black fabric paint, facepaint and pigtail ears.
3. Life Guards – If you can’t find a red lifeguard shirt just buy iron on letters at Michaels. Add a blow up tube around your waist.
4. Sugar Skull (I found this great tutorial by Jessica Harlow). You can also check Pinterest for lots of other ideas and color schemes. Pair with all black clothing or get colorful either way works.
5. Wind-up Doll – Use a toilet paper roll and some cardboard to make the wind up key. Any fancy dress will do, just attach the wind up key to their back.
6. High Tech T-Shirt (perfect for a teen) You must watch the video, it was started by an ex-Nasa scientist! Click on the title to see lots of other options all using a smartphone and apps.
7. Energizer Bunny – Just wear all pink, add pink ears, carry a small drum and wear blue flip flops.
8. 3 Musketeers Use blue fabric and silver duck tape to add decorative emblems.
9. Cat in the Hat – White Shirt, black vest, black pants, red bow tie, hat (click link for homemade hat) and facepaint.
10. Sharknado (my daughter is seriously considering this one). Click onĀ  the link for a super easy tutorial from FabSugar.com.