I can’t believe it’s already time for the kids to go back to school. On the one hand, WOOHOO!!!!! On the other, we haven’t fit in every fun thing I wanted to do as a family this summer. So last weekend I had a summer fun bonanza and did things everyone should do before it’s too late…

I went to concert Friday night. It was Toby Keith, who is the most patriotic badass country singer alive, but I have just as much fun when I go to music in the park in my neighborhood. Being at a live event is always fun and each time I go, I wonder why I don’t do it more often.

Then on Saturday I went to see the World Champion SF Giants play with my hubby. If ticket prices are too steep or the stadium is too far away, check to see if there is a local Minor’s Baseball team. You still get to sing the national anthem, have a beer and a dog, see a great game and a lot of big stars from the pros play with the minors when they are recovering from injuries. Best of all, the stadium is small so there’s not a bad seat in the house, and you can’t beat the ticket price.

Next stop was a super fun wedding reception at a park. Now I know you can’t just show up at a stranger’s reception, but you can definitely go to your local park. All states have a website for parks and recreation, if you live in California, here’s ours: http://www.parks.ca.gov/

This is not my cute nephew.

I started drinking on Friday afternoon before the concert and didn’t stop until late Saturday night. So Sunday was gonna be my lazy day. I was out on my patio, having coffee and catching up with trashy magazines. The kids were still asleep, my husband was already gone to play baseball with his Old Man Baseball Team. When suddenly my Effin’ dog goes insane because someone is coming in the house. Did I mention it was only about 9:00am? On Sunday? My psycho mom comes in and says she’s on the way to the children’s zoo with my too cute 2 year old nephew and they wondered if I want to go with them. So I shook off my hangover and went to the zoo. Of course. And it was awesome. Go here to find the one near you (the zoo, not the hangover): http://www.touristinformationdirectory.com/zoo/list_of_zoos.htm