I’ve recently read a bunch of books that I really liked. I read a ton and a few of them were duds (John Grisham, The Associate, where was the ending!) but for the most part I really liked what I read the last couple of months. And they were an eclectic group, I read Angela’s Ashes because my son read it for school and liked it and then a few that were recommended in Glamour magazine. What were some of your favorite books? I’d love to add them to my very long list!

The Wind through the Keyhole: A Dark Tower Novel – I loved these books when they first came out. But then they started coming out with too much time in between it was hard to keep up and you forgot little details from the previous book that you read 2-3 years ago. This is a great stand alone story and brings you right back to your favorite group of friends.

The Age of Miracles – I like to read books about the world changing or ending like The Road. This book is like that with a very interesting premise. It’s interesting to imagine the world ending and how people will react. Some people hated the ending or lack of ending but I liked it.

The Fault in our Stars – I loved this book, it was my favorite of the bunch. The writing is sweet and witty. It reminded me a little of The Lovely Bones (another Favorite). A sad story but one that makes you smile while you are crying. The characters are great and I could feel the teen angst through the pages!

Angelas Ashes – Very dreary but interesting book about the struggles of a poor Irish family. It is hard to imagine the lifestyle and amazing still to realize that this man grew up to be a famous author. Makes you appreciate what you have.

Odd Interlude – The Odd Thomas books are great and this little set of novellas was just the right amount of reading to squeeze in. Each book is short and you can finish the whole series pretty quickly. I love Odd Thomas and his optimism and of course Elvis and his dog Boo.