I’m a native California girl and I live for Summer. I can’t wait for it to arrive, and I’m depressed when it ends. I realize I sound like a whiny-ass, but it’s not my fault and it’s not fair that we can’t have sunshine and 78 degrees all year. Once I get past the short term depression, the feeling that I woke up looking older, the killer constriction of closed-toed shoes, and dining indoors (yeah, it takes awhile) I get excited about things that only seem right in October.

Cheesy Deliciousness

Hello, Comfort Food. Oh how I’ve missed you. I love a good salad but nothing is better than Mac & Cheese. I don’t care if it’s gourmet with gruyere and crunchy stuff on top or right out of the Kraft Mac n Cheese box. It’s all good. Stew is another big favorite for my family, it simmers all day while we’re at work and my whole house smells awesome when I get home. I also dive into an uncontrolled baking frenzy as soon as the temperature drops. I’ll be baking coffee cake and chocolate chip cookies this week. If I can’t be in my garden, I’ll just be in my kitchen. Check out some great Mac and Cheese recipes from Martha Stewart. Also these stew recipes sound delicious, Williams-Sonoma. The pork and pumpkin stew seems particularly fitting for October.

Get Your Cowgirl On

I realize I recently bitched about closed toed shoes, but who doesn’t love her boots? My nickname was “Boots” when I was a kid because I only wanted to wear my white, lace up patent leather boots. All the time. Even in bed.

I have these authentic cowgirl boots from a trip to a dude ranch years ago, they are all the rage now (you can get them at Zappos, but for a real treat buy them from a real western wear store). I love this trend, hope it lasts awhile.

Then come sweaters. I love cuddling up in a thick sweater, they look great and hide a multitude of sins (Mac n Cheese followed by cookie dough).

Love the Drapy Cardigan

This one is from J. Crew but we all know that we can get cute sweaters from Old Navy and Target if we’re going for volume…

And the very best thing about October is we get to have HALLOWEEN and costumes and candy and parties. I love it all, that will have to be it’s very own post.