Christmas is right around the corner and I’m pretty much done. Yippee!! Now I just need to start the laborious task of wrapping. I always end up with a bad back and sore knees after a marathon evening of wrapping. Today I am planning on going through everything I bought and make sure I’m really done. I don’t want to be out shopping the week of Christmas! Here are some fun gifts from various S+K retailers. Hope you like them. Click on the picture to link to the site and purchase. Check our Where to Buy link for other options and all of our holiday cards as well.


Checks in the Mail Accessories


Checks in the Mail Accessories

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Canvas Wall Art from Pier 1


Personalized Gifts from

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Custom Stationery from

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Eat at Mom’s Coasters


Eat at Mom’s Dishware

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Custom Phone and Tablet Cases from