The Pantone Color Institute just announced their color of the year and it is Tangerine Tango. Pantone is the global authority on color and the originator of the color matching system that established standards for the use of color in manufacturing and print. That means every time you pick a color it will match in fabric or paint. Pretty cool. Orange has never been a super popular color until lately when people have noticed that it pairs great with most other colors. Add it to gray to give your outfit, design or room a pop of color and a modern feel. It also goes great with colors like navy and even red. Add pinks and you get a tropical vibe. It has a friendly happy tone, an instant pick me up. As designers we have always loved orange and try to add it whenever possible. Now we have the proof that we were right all along! Here are some great ideas from home to fashion. I love an all white kitchen and adding just a pop of color or adding throw pillows with orange accents to brighten a room. Have fun adding some Tangerine Tango to your life this year!

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