Have you seen the movie The Jerk? There is one scene in the movie where Steve Martin is super excited about getting the new phone book, see it here. This is how I feel when I am getting the mail. I love getting letters and packages from people it is so fun. I know we can all send email thank yous and party invites but isn’t getting something in the mail so much more meaningful? I always have my kids send thank yous after Christmas or their birthdays. It’s fun to add in pictures or drawings as well. I know my parents love getting hand written notes from their grandkids, they keep them on the frig for all to see. Since I am a stationery designer, I’ve always done personalized thank yous either with photos, cute illustrations or just great type. It is so easy to do now, just upload a photo or pick a design you like and add your name or monogram, so no more excuses! Your recipient will appreciate your thoughtfulness. Plus a set of personal thank you notes makes a great gift. Know any high school seniors graduating this year? They will get plenty of gifts, why not give them a set of personalized thank you cards along with a gas card?

Here are some links to thank you cards we’ve designed:




Thank you Note Etiquette