Hoe Down theme from the invite down to the flowers

I was inspired to have a Country Western themed party for my husband’s birthday because he loves country music and I would able to sport blue jeans and boots instead of a dress (ack) and high heels. Of course my husband wondered if I would be inviting hoes to the Hoe Down. To his disappoint, the answer was “NO. YOU’RE A PIG.” Naturally I had to have a color scheme (red, brown and denim), cowboy food (ribs, chili, jalapeno corn bread, slaw, etc.) and barnyard decor.

Homemade banners held up with clothespins

I gotta say, this is one of less expensive party themes I have taken on. I got daisies and sunflowers from the farmer’s market and used canning jars for vases so my centerpieces were dirt cheap. And haybales for extra seating looked super cute and I didn’t have to rent as many chairs.

wanted poster cake

I always make and decorate my own cakes, it’s really fun and I like for my family to know that I care enough about their birthdays to make it a priority. So I got up at the crack of dawn to decorate this spice cake with cream cheese frosting.

simple flowers and linens looked great in the backyard

A DJ, a keg, a dance floor and a mechanical bull were the final necessities for a kickass Hoe Down.

Most of our guests were excited to sport cowboy hats and flannel shirts. They were also very flexible with their drinking habits, I saw more team moms taking tequila shots than I ever could have imagined. Their flexibility was really tested with the mechanical bull though, those of us who were ballsy enough to ride it are covered in bruises and I’m still limping two days later. Seriously, I can hardly walk. There is something great about embracing your inner redneck, this was the most fun I’ve had at a party since I got married a hundred years ago (or whatever).