trend watch: maxi dress

I get obsessed with an item and then go on a mission until I find the perfect one. I have done this with shoes, purses, mascara….you name it. My current fixation is finding the perfect summer maxi dress. I love this trend for many reasons but the most important is that it is the most comfortable way to dress in the summer. I have big plans of wearing this dress on a mexican food night (my fave) because I can eat as much as I want.

Don’t worry, I am paying close attention to the rules of wearing the maxi dress. Although it will camouflage big butts and stomachs, being swamped by a maxi dress will give the impression of being larger. The maxi dress is not a mumu or a food storage overwrap. The dress should skim curves rather than cling, and it should not be too tight.

Look for me this weekend chillin in my new dress sipping on a frozen margarita (with the good tequilla). With that thought in mind, I am off to go shopping…


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