Usually by the time Mother’s Day rolls around, I am pooped from celebrating Easter and all of the April birthdays we have in our family. Spring is also heavy duty soccer season in our household so we are on the go from San Francisco to Morgan Hill every weekend. On Mother’s Day, I just want to have my Starbucks Caramel Macchiato with whip and read the newspaper in bed. My kids can bring me breakfast which is sweet, not always great though. Last year, my daughter brought me unbuttered toast and jello. I told my husband to please help with breakfast next time! I have one dream gift that everyone can pitch in and get me (if we win the lottery), a new kitchen. When we moved to our house 12 years ago, I stupidly left the kitchen for last. So even though I have new garage doors, new windows, new landscaping, etc. no new kitchen. I save lots of pictures on the website and hope to someday have one of my very own. A girl can dream! Until then I will happily settle for jello, a foot massage and whatever cute gifts they make me in school. Happy (early) Mother’s Day to all those hard working mom’s everywhere, we make the world rock!