Sometimes when my son is blaring his music to the point of my head exploding, and my daughters are fighting over who touched who first, and my crazy dogs are barking in high pitched tones at the hundredth squirrel to enter our yard, I just imagine myself swinging on a hammock with my toe dipping into clear blue water on my own deserted island (a la Blue Lagoon). Often I try to think of all of the music, books, movies or favorite items I would want with me. Here is the list I had fun coming up with. Mostly they bring me back to my childhood, no worries and lots of fun times! I am sure that as soon as this post goes live I will think of 10 more things to add! What are your favs?



John Cusack trying to win back Ione Skye

Say Anything – One of my all time favorites. I love John Cusack and I love John Cusack as Loyd Dobler.

Trifecta of Awesomeness – Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, Sixteen Candles (they perfectly tell the story of teen angst)

The Jerk – love Steve Martin

Valley Girl – Nicholas Cage at his best, awesome sound track

Ferris Bueller’s Day off – every kids wishes he was this cool

Thelma and Louise – awesome girls kicking ass with a little Brad Pitt thrown in for good measure (and they did not die in the end they made it across)



Scary, don’t read at night!

It – Stephen King is my favorite, read all of his books, loved this one a smidge more than all of the other greats

East of Eden – had to read this in high school, loved it

any Judy Blume book – I think every girl in the 80’s read these



a classic

AC/DC – reminds me of growing up

The Police – Slow dancing at school parties

Journey and Foreigner – spent many days at the beach with our boombox (for you youngsters a boombox is like an iPod just 20x’s the size) listening to these bands