Cuddlebumps Coloring Book

Simon+Kabuki has some exciting new products that have hit the shelves and the cyberworld. One product that I just love is our new Cuddlebumps coloring book (full disclosure, I did not work on the design!). I used to love to color as a kid and my two girls still enjoy coloring although now it is usually just their menus at restaurants. Maybe I will have a coloring contest this weekend. After they are done with all of their mountains of homework, don’t get me started!

We also have some back to school items that are being sold at Meijer. We do not have that store here in California but it sounds a lot like one of my favorite stores, Target. Hopefully we get some samples because I love notebooks and can never have enough lists of things to do going at one time. It feels great at the end of the day to have crossed off everything on my list, and if I didn’t get to it that day, I just turn the page and start with a new list. Makes me feel good tricking myself like that! At some point I may need to check out my “list” neurosis but for now it is just one of my cute tics and I get a shitload of stuff done that way. My daughters can’t wait to get their hands on the Peace Out folders. Anything with hearts and peace symbols is a hit with the kids.

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S+K Peace Out School Folders