I know that it is July and the temperature has been hovering near 100 degrees, but here at Simon+Kabuki we’ve been finalizing holiday designs. We usually finish up our holiday stationery designs for some clients in May, but others are due in July and August. It is hard to get into the Christmas spirit when we just celebrated the red, white and blue! I take notes after each holiday season of hot trends or things we should work on next year. One of the things we noticed this last year is that more people are going back to the Merry Christmas sentiment versus Happy Holidays. Traditional colors are always hot and multiple photo cards are a hit. I would say that half of the cards I received were multi-photo. We always try to inject a little bit of S+K sass and style into all of our products and this year is no different. People always ask if we ever run out of ideas – it hasn’t happened yet! That is not to say that it can sometimes be a struggle to think up snow and santa when we just want to hit the beach with a good book or ride our beach cruiser over to Starbucks for a cool drink. You can find Simon+Kabuki stationery on a variety of sites, KodakGallery.com, Snapfish.com, Tinyprints.com, Invitationbox.com and many more.