If you’re like me you always have a project going on. Sometimes it’s a big project, like remodeling part of the house and sometimes it’s small, like going through old photos and putting them in albums. The weather is always a factor when I’m making my project list. In the summer I always plant more flowers, repair or replace outdoor furniture/cushions or repaint the adirondack chairs. And ever since I had a Hoe Down rager at my house, complete with a mechanical bull and hay bales, I get to add “pulling hay sprouts out of my lawn” to my list of summer projects. Seemed like such a good idea at the time. Ugh.

Now that it’s getting too effin’ cold to be outside, I’m making my list of rainy day projects. Some are big, some are small and I’ll decide what to work on depending on how much time, energy and cash I can stir up. Here’s my list so far:

• Clean out closets/cabinets/pantry/armoire (medium effort, no cost, shitty but necessary)

• Re-do home office, more storage and surface space (high cost, super fun, big effort)

• Paint guest bedroom, maybe rearrange furniture just for fun (low cost, medium effort, somewhat fun)

• Repair curtain rod that is literally falling off the wall (low cost, small effort – why haven’t I done this yet??)

Here are some other ideas for a quick improvement in your environment and fighting off winter blues:

• replace light switch covers (check out these super cute covers from etsy)

• re-arrange wall hangings

• move furniture around to freshen up a room

• add a pop of color to a neutral room to give it some energy

• keep fresh flowers in bright colors on your kitchen table

I’ll keep you posted on my progress, send us your winter project ideas or before-and-afters. And I double dog dare you to send a picture of a closet that is worse off than my shithole Halloween closet…