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Have you ever visited the site Damn You Auto-Correct, if not head on over there ASAP! It is hilarious. A great way to get your day going or perk up an already bad day. I’ve included a couple examples of the cleaner versions, but be warned auto-correct can be rated R!

On Monday, I was picking up my middle daughter and her carpool group from soccer practice when my younger daughter texted me about dinner from her soccer carpool. Since I was driving I told my daughter to text back and let her know that we were having burgers. The rest is pretty funny. I didn’t realize they were texting back and forth until later that night in bed when I looked at my phone. I had quite the laugh! My kids love to talk in hash tag sentences as much as possible to annoy people, so whenever we are having dinner there are at least 10 hash tag yolos in our conversation. The other screen shot is when my son was texting and it auto-corrected yolo to tool. So appropriate! Can we come up with a new symbol to add to our vocabulary? How about the dollar sign or ampersand?