Goodie Bags for Guests

Hosting a party is loads of fun and it can be a lot of work, if you’re like me. Because I am a Type-A OverAchiever, I like to go the extra mile when I’m having a shindig. Every hostess has her strengths and weaknesses, some are great cooks while others are the life of the party. For example, I make a party beautiful to look at, but my cooking is not awesome. Seriously, I pretty much suck at cooking. So I keep the food simple, but I present it like it’s a gift from Tiffany’s.

Wrapped Plasticware

I hosted a little dinner for 50 recently for my daughter’s college water polo team. I’m a theme party kind of girl, so I started with team colors: Red, White and Black. I found paper ware at Target (cuz I have no intention of ever washing 50 real plates or cloth napkins), created goodie bags for the girls and even baked home made Red Velvet Cupcakes (they didn’t suck).

Red Velvet Cupcakes

I always put fresh flowers out at a party, mostly because I just love fresh flowers, but also because they make a fabulous decoration and I can usually find flowers that fit my theme (and you have no idea how unnaturally happy it makes me when my flowers match my theme).

So maybe if you’re a great cook, you don’t have to create a color scheme but imagine how fantastic your par-tay would be with great food AND sassy decor!