Screen shot 2013-09-24 at 8.10.43 AMThis weekend I was making some gluten/dairy free cookies. Often times they turn into a flat blob and Sunday was no exception. I wanted them to look decent not like pancakes since I was bringing them over to my sister’s for family movie night. My daughter and a couple of her cousins are gluten free but my daughter has the added issue of no dairy and no nuts (and many other things). Luckily my daughter had a brilliant idea that saved the day. We got out cupcake liners and put a small blob of cookie dough in the bottom then added a gluten free oreo type cookie (we used Trader Joes Joe Joes, tongue twister) then put another blob of cookie dough on top. We cooked them for around 15 minutes at 350 degrees and everyone loved them. Even the non-gluten free family members. You can use any cookie dough recipe you want, even peanut butter. I like using recipes, mixes and flour from Jules Gluten Free Flour it is the best and easiest to use, in my opinion.