Ben (the black dog) and Jerry (the brown dog)

Today’s post is just going to be a bitch fest. I am going to complain and then hopefully I will feel better and can get on with my day. Some things may seem trivial but when everything piles up at once it seems like a mountain of crap.

My dog, Ben, has had a lump on his hindside for about a month. It seemed kind of squishy like maybe a cyst. Well we finally took him to the vet and it is, of course, cancer. The cost for removing this one tumor is $1,500. Ouch, but it gets worse. If it has spread which judging from the xrays they think it may have, he will need chemo. Chemo I am told will run between $5,000-10,000. I will know next Wednesday, when the expert takes a look, what the prognosis is. This dog does test my patience especially his high pitched bark at the neighborhood squirrels. They probably all come to our yard to taunt him and drive him crazy, what they don’t know is it is driving me crazy instead! We’ve already spent $3,000 on his brother to have a super ball surgically removed from his intestines. The joys of having pets. I say stick with fish, they are pretty cheap and easy to replace. Now I am off to go play Lotto in the hopes of salvaging this week!