I must admit that I love when my kids are on summer break and totally dread the first day of school. The summer flies by and there is never enough time to do everything we want to plus work and take care of house duties! I always say we’ll hit the beach once a week or go to the park or hike but something always gets in the way. We have gone to beautiful Lake Tahoe and Santa Cruz and we are going to San Luis Obispo for a weekend soccer tournament so we have been doing some things, I just wish summer was longer! We also have to start stocking up on school supplies. Every teacher gives their list and we all head off to Target or the office supply store. I love getting them some fun and funky school supplies to start their year on the right track. We designed several Back to School Collections. Here are a couple of new ones. Check Frecklebox.com for sales on back to school and the rest of our collections. Too Cool for School Collection can be found here and The Prep collection can be found here.