This month my family traveled to beautiful Lake Tahoe to attend my brother’s destination wedding. They were married on the beach at 5:30. It was a beautiful ceremony and the setting was fantastic. My brother wore a khaki suit instead of traditional black and I have to say for an outdoor wedding it was perfect. It was nice not to have the harshness of black with my new sister-in-laws white dress. Don’t get me wrong I love black and wear it daily but the khaki white combo really rocked. As my mother-in-law says I now have a new sister-in-LOVE and a sweet as can be new niece. I think she hugged and kissed me the first day we met!

I designed their wedding invitations and accompanying pieces based on the flowers that would be decorating the wedding. We went with a turquoise and orange theme for everything. My sister-in-law made really pretty beachy candles that were given to each of the guests in a bag with a hang tag. They also had a photo booth at their wedding, which was a huge hit. The booth took four fun photos and they would print two copies out one to keep and one to make a scrapbook page for the bride and groom, brilliant!! All in all it was a wonderful evening. Although the guests may have wished for my brother to keep his shirt on the whole evening but I guess an open bar and peer-pressure friends got the best of him!

pictures from the photo booth, the crazy kid in blue is my son, check out the cake topper, centerpieces and guest gift