We just got samples of our new CuddleBumps fabric line from Quilting Treasures. The colors are fun and bright and would look great as a quilt for any child’s room. We always loved stuffed animals as kids and even now it is hard to see my daughters’ beds sometimes with all of the stuffed animals on there. Growing up I loved my Raggedy Ann and Andy stuffed animals and was completely devastated when they were lost in a move. CuddleBumps, a line of charming critters, was inspired by the our love for animals and the knowledge that little ones can never have too many stuffed animals. We’ve created Cuddlebumps, NerdieBumps and MeenieBumps and each has an adorable name to match his or her adorable personality. I think the MeenieBumps are my favorite, but mostly because I am partial to black.

You can also see our Cuddlebumps on a variety of products at Frecklebox.com. There you can find lunch boxes, folders notebooks, etc.