designer dog crap

While enjoying lunch at an outdoor cafe today, I began to feel nauseous. At first I thought it must be my sandwich, then I realized that it was the couple behind me talking baby talk. But there was no baby, it was a dog.

Cute bag, too bad there's a rat in it.

You have probably seen my references to my Effin’ Dog, so you know that I’m not ever going to be the person who carries a dog in a purse or (barf) a stroller. I like my dog because she’s a dog, I don’t need her to be a furry person. I woulda got a Sasquatch if that’s what I wanted from a pet.

Here are some of the ridiculous designer dog products that are making this a billion dollar industry…

And I thought baby products had gotten excessive...



Now that I’ve let the cat out of the bag and admitted that I think certain dog lovers have totally lost their minds (you know who you are) and seeing a dog in a tutu makes me feel violent (not sure if I want to kick the pansy dog, or it’s pansy owner) I’m just sure I will have an opportunity to design a doggie fanny pack or a fab pooper scooper.

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