fairy door! is this just cute or what?

If you have kids and haven’t visited ohdeedoh you must-go-now! It is a super informative site for the latest and greatest ideas in kids room decorating. Plus ideas on how to live with kids in a small space without feeling like you live in a daycare – golden! It is a part of the apartment therapy site – which speaks for itself. They have great tips for renters or owners of small spaces, or just people like me who have a house with smaller than life bedrooms. Do your kids share a room? There are tips for 2 kids, 3 kids, and girl and boy shared rooms. There are oodles of pictures to go through in their kids room tours section. (Heh, I used the word oodles and now I am all distracted).

it's cute and it fits!

love the colors!

room for half of a brady bunch!