I’m starting to plan my daughters birthday party which makes me overly giddy about decorating around a theme. Theme parties, being the standard, can involve everything from invitaions to outfits. Seems pretty different from when we were kids. My mom was very crafty but the closest thing my birthday parties came to a theme was matching napkins and plates. For my daughters birthday, even though she has specific color schemes and ideas, I always want to see how much I can expand on the theme she chooses.

Creative Hostess is a super cute site for kids parties and baby shower ideas. I think it has now become one of my go-to places. There is a whole section on inspiration that I love to comb through. Another section features Real Birthday Parties. I am absolutely in love with this Elephant Parade Circus theme and this cake from an Airplane Birthday Party.

Simon+Kabuki cards above: Sophisticated Stems, Balloon Party, Bubbles Girl, Bubbles Boy, Party Boy, Princess Party