I love receiving fun Valentine’s Day projects from my kids but I don’t always love the rushed glue and glitter projects that they do at school. Sometimes it is hard to do something worthy at a 20-minute station, especially when they really just want to get to the cupcake or cookie station! This year I am going to try some at home projects. I found a few that look really easy and give great bang for the buck.

I love pom poms. Everything about them is adorable. What’s not to love about giant balls of colored fluffy paper. Martha Stewart has some great directions that are super easy and the materials are cheap. They look great hanging from the ceiling in any little girls bedroom.

The other project I plan on doing, is shrinky dinks. I’ve done shrinky dinks at birthday parties and kids love them. There are some amazingly creative things you can do with shrinky dinks – necklaces, bookmarks, rings, dog tags, etc. I’m not sure who will have more fun with these projects but I can’t wait to get started!