Sweet little nests for Easter

I definitely don’t consider myself a super fabulous baker– except for my chocolate chip cookie dough, which is better than sex – but I always give it my best effort. Okay, I lied. I often give baking minimal effort because why would I knock myself out when I could make something out of a box and decorate it really extra cute and still get “oohs” and “aahs” from my grateful recipients?

These Easter-y egg nest cupcakes are a breeze to make and if you’re an overachiever you could bake everything from scratch, and if you’re way too busy you could buy the cupcakes or muffins already baked and just decorate them and take full credit when people tell you how fabulous they are. I made an awful video to show you how to do the frosting so it looks like a nest.


And don’t forget about the presentation, if you don’t have your own cupcake holder, check out this paper version from Martha Stewart and Target has a cute version too.

Paper stand for about $10

mmm... chocolate