My Book Collection, OMG that's so nerdy

So I LOVE to read. I mean, it’s my passion and my pastime. I always have a good book going, whether it’s an actual real-live book, or a digital version. There are magazines everywhere at my house and thousands of books that I just can’t part with. Literally. Thousands. Of. Books. When I ran out of space to store them, I got creative and hung a bunch up on the walls with plate hangers. I used Brass Vinyl-Coated Wire Hangers that I found at Michael’s, they came in different sizes so I picked the size that best fit my books. I had to tie a ribbon around each book so they wouldn’t flop open, and that turned out to be the icing on the cake.

Webster's Dictionary, circa 1951

I am super attached (weird, I know) to my big old dictionary. But now that I have Webster’ bookmarked on my Mac I had to find a new use for it. It made a nice addition to my end table.

Coffee table clutter gets organized.

We subscribe to way too many magazines and they tend to pile up, so I use this giant basket to gather them. And of course I put National Geographic on top in the hopes that my kids will choose to read them over Off-Road for Rednecks and the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. Plus we don’t seem quite as trashy when guests come over, always a bonus 🙂