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Several years ago Allure Magazine started selling Beauty Boxes. At first they were geared towards sunscreen and skincare but over the years they’ve included, hair care, make up, nail polish and other goodies. They go for sale approx. 4 times per year. They are a great deal considering you get all full size products for around $50 with shipping. I always try to snag one.

This Tuesday the box went on sale and due to an epic internet failure they are going to reissue the sale this coming Tuesday (May 6) at 9:01am PST or 12:01 EST. Here is the link for purchase, they sell out almost immediately, click here. The link is not live until 9:01 am but be prepared to order right away.

I was somehow able to get through and order myself a box, so I am the human equivalent of a unicorn (I feel so magical!). This is the note they posted on their site:
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Here is a list of items and approx. cost: