Father’s day is June 19th, right around the corner. I always panic a bit because I never know what to get my dad. It’s not that he’s picky, I just don’t want to give him yet another golf shirt. It seems like he already has everything within my price range. I want the gift to be useful (yeah that box of chocolates is useful, but not for long). So I decided this year I would look for a gift early so it’s not oh another golf shirt, uh thanks. Well then, here are some ideas I found (that mostly pertain to my dad but nonetheless useful):

Ball Game Tickets (because he is a sports nut) Go Giants! Local sports team tickets are a no-brainer for the sports fanatic without a supply of season tickets at their disposal. Extra fun would be getting tickets for the whole family to enjoy the game with him. Let’s go!

iPad Case (because how cool is that?) Temple Bags Leather iPad case. This one is classy and rugged at the same time. This case features WWII canvas that has been salvaged and re-purposed to allow you to own a piece of history. Now someone buy him the iPad and we are all set.


Golf GPS (because he lives and breathes golf, duh) Garmin Approach G5 Waterproof Touchscreen GPS. Come to think of it he may already have this.


Headphones (because my kids visit often, and they are loudsters) these are from Marshall Headphones. Made with comfort in mind, they feature both in-ear and headband styles. The in-ear model can be used with a cell phone. Safety first while talking on the phone and driving the golf cart.


Meat Smoker (Meat, fire, and smoke…enough said.) Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker. Great for having parties featuring varieties of smoked meat.

…off to go shopping!