For those of us lucky enough to be near a beach, a good chair is a must. I’m willing to nap on a beach towel in the sand under certain circumstances but I definitely don’t want to read my book or have a sandwich anywhere near a path where wild children and dogs might coming flying by gleefully, while dousing me and said sandwich with sand. My ghetto beach chairs from the last few years were down to threads so I was forced to go pick up a new set for this summer. I got my kids the same crappy old chairs (but in superfun colors!! so they don’t know they are crappy) but I got myself the mack daddy of beach chairs.

my favorite beach chair, got it at Target and it comes in lots of fun colors

It’s got a huge covered pocket in the back, big enough for my beach towel, my wallet, my book, my phone, my sunscreen and a purse dog if I had one. It also has backpack straps so after I put 15 lbs. of totally necessary crap in there, I could put it on my kid’s back and he still had his hands free to carry an ice chest and boogie board.

Just add a spiked Slurpee, the latest issue of the National Enquirer (the one where you have to guess what celebrity belongs to the disgusting cellulite ridden body on the cover) and some sunshine and you have a recipe for a totally awesome day.