a bit dusty, but really cool

One person’s trash is another’s treasure. I am not describing reality TV here – but I could be talking about any of those shows right? To say I don’t like clutter is an understatement. I get nervous watching Hoarders, and I like to get rid of everything I am not currently using unless it has sentimental value, can be re-purposed or can be displayed in some interesting way. (I’m trying to sound really convincing so don’t pay attention to my messy junk room). Since I like to get rid of things I guess I am like the “treasure supplier” or whatever you call it. My grandparents on the other hand, treasured everything that they owned and got rid of almost nothing. Which is fine if you have it under control. While going through some old boxes at my grandparent’s house I came across a collection of vintage cameras that were carefully tucked away. They were of the generation that kept everything just in case. In this case, it was a good thing.

There seems to be a nostalgia uprising in decor and fashion. I love the look of vintage cameras and when displayed they can look really cool and give a room or bookshelf personality. Isn’t the little “Brownie” camera up in the front in the photo above so cute? I’m going to dust these off and work out a cute display like they are featuring in Pottery Barn.

a unique way to display old photos

I have always loved photography and I took several classes in college. The random and surprising effects that used to be acheived from using an old camera add character to photos. I love how you can look at an old photo and guess in which decade it was taken just by the look and feel of the photo instead of the crazy disco fro your uncle is sporting. Jumping to the future, imagine how excited I was to find these iPhone apps: Lo-Mob, Hipstamatic, Tilt-Shift-Focus. These fun apps let you play around with a multitude of effects. Have fun!