It’s been a while since I posted. My computer has had some serious problems and has been in the shop at Apple all week. I get to pick it up today from the Apple store lets hope it works! Its been very hard bouncing to other computers. Luckily everything was backed up on Friday and some time over the weekend it conked out. Make sure to back up everyday, I’ve learned the hard way before, not fun!

I love checking out Etsy and do it regularly. It is a great place to look for inspiration and unique gifts. Once you sign in you can easily save your favorite items or stores. This is a great feature and I wish every website included it. I can come back anytime and see all the cute things I’ve liked over the years. We’ve attempted to sell items before but found that unless you can devote yourself full time to it, it is quite difficult to get the sales. Since we also license our work, do corporate graphic design and also create lots of mock-ups for manufacturers, there does not seem to be time leftover in a day to devote to Etsy as a seller. As a buyer, I’ve got that covered! Etsy is a great marketplace for one of a kind items that you can’t find down at the mall. Here are some of my favorites. I have tons of favorites and could write a whole book on them but had to narrow it down to just a few! To get to the Etsy store for each seller just click on the image.