It’s that time of year when at least someone you know is graduating from elementary school, middle school, high school or college. My son is graduating from high school and Erin’s daughter is graduating from college, I guess we are getting old!! We are throwing a grad party for my son. We are planning on buying him a laptop for school as his gift. Here are some great gifts for grads that won’t break the bank.

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1. Cash and gift cards – This gift is always appreciated by grads. They will need gas money if they will be taking their car and gift cards to Starbucks, Jamba Juice, Target, the local grocery store, etc. will be well used. For fun give them a check written out for the year, $200.13. Check Costco for some great gift card options.
2. Gear from the college they are attending. Go online and order them a sweatshirt or t-shirt or get a gift card to the college store.
3. Laundry Gift Basket – Fill it with small size detergents, stain removers and softeners and include a couple of rolls of quarters.
4. Food – Give them a basket filled with granola bars, power bars, instant coffee and other essentials that won’t go bad. That way if they get the midnight munchies they won’t have to hit 7-11.
5. Personalized gifts – A personalized frame, bulletin board, towels, etc. make a great gift.
6. Your Favorite Book – Is there a book you love that you want to share, write a meaningful message inside and include a check.
7. Depending on where the student is heading to college get a gift that is local. My son is going to San Diego State so surf lessons would be fun or a gift basket with sunscreen and beach supplies.
8. A charging case for their iPhone. They may spend long hours in the library and classes so running out of juice is a pain.
9. Plane Ticket – If they are more than a few hours away this a is a great gift whether to visit family, friends or their girlfriend they will truly appreciate this gift.
10. Got a younger grad? Head on over to and check out our personalized school products for a sweet gift or a personalized book or coloring book. You can’t go wrong.