For Christmas I bought my hubby an oyster mushroom growing kit by Back to the Roots. We like to eat mushrooms and I thought it would be fun to see them grow. I should have given it to one of my kids because it sat on the counter unopened until now. But… It’s pretty amazing and super easy to do, no green thumb necessary. Mushrooms grow damn fast, you can eat them on the 10th day! It’s like one of those time lapse videos. You spray them with water twice a day – in the morning and night time – and by then they’ve grown an inch. We had to put a little wedge under the box because the weight of the mushrooms will tip the box over. The concept was started by two¬†UC Berkeley students using coffee ground waste. Check out the kits here. Now we can have some fresh home grown vegetables for dinner tonight, yum!

Screen shot 2014-02-26 at 8.51.45 AM