As soon as school starts it seems the rush of activities is never ending. They have field trips, dances, sports and lots of holidays packed into the beginning of the school year. One of my kids favorite holidays is Halloween. They usually start thinking up ideas for costumes the day after Halloween but they usually don’t finalize their idea until the week of Halloween which means a lot of rushing around! My youngest can’t quite decide on what she wants to be so she is throwing together her 3 favorite ideas and going as Hello Bat Bob, translation Hello Kitty, Batman and SpongeBob. My middle daughter wants to be a fairy but one of her friends is vehemently opposed so we will see how that goes. My son usually throws his together that day and he has come up with some interesting ideas. One year he was an employee from Krispy Kreme because we had the hat and box from getting donuts the day before. Add a white button down and an apron and he was good to go.

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