Need some quick Valentine ideas? Here are a few easy gifts and most can be done with items you probably have on hand.

1. Fill a mason jar with candy and sweet notes.
2. Breakfast in bed. Make heart shaped pink pancakes with raspberries.
3. 52 reasons I love you. Take a pack of playing cards and write a different reason on each card.
4. A booklet of certificates for some of their favorite things.
5. A personalized mug. Just use sharpies and decorate a cute mug for their morning coffee or tea.
6. Hide and Seek. Place notes and cards in places you know they will find throughout the day.
7. Make them King/Queen, Prince/Princess for the day. Anything they want goes.
8. Give them a jar with 365 lucky pennies, one for each day.
9. Got a tree or picnic table in your yard? How about carve your initials into it. If no tree you can get something at Michaels or Hobby Lobby.
10. Make them a music CD of all of your favorite tunes. Have fun planning your Valentine’s Day!