Hi, Welcome to Designer Droppings. I tried to be honest with the title so that unsuspecting readers will not be disappointed when they find info that is mildly entertaining and somewhat informative. We’ll have to see where this blog goes, but we are going to start out with tidbits about life and things that make it more beautiful. Making your life beautiful is fun and it’s work, here’s what I am doing right now to make my world shiny.

This week I am working on updating the design and functionality for a website. Two websites actually, one for my firm’s corporate info and another for our consumer brand. It’s mostly fun but sitting in front of a monitor (even if it is a bigass iMac screen that I can see from across the room) is getting old. It all started with moving our sassy little design studio to a historic house in Willow Glen. We were just gonna update our address but then the portfolio needed updating, then our bios needed help, blah blah blah.

On top of moving and updating websites, I’ve been told that it is time for me to join the millenium and start a blog so that I can barf out uncensored, unfiltered thoughts to poor innocent readers who hopefully can take a joke. This may or may not be fun, I’ll have to let you know when I have a handle on blogging.

Besides moving, updating sites, and blogging, I am also working on a series of new patterns and illustrations for our consumer brand. This is definitely fun but harder than the other stuff. I work on designs so I can help make someone else’s world a little cuter.

My next blog will include some photos of our new digs, because I have to say, our office is effin’ gorgeous. I just have to figure out how to post photos…

Have a happy day.