Getting ready for our annual Cookie Exchange next week. Checking out some fun recipes I might try. Right now I am addicted to the Trader Joes white chocolate peppermint pretzels (thank god they only sell them at Christmas). I plan on making a version of those with pretzel sticks and just dip them in white chocolate and crushed candy canes. I also always make fudge, because it is easy and I like it (its all about me!). I think Molasses Crinkles will be on my list as well. I try not to make any cut-out or decorated cookies for the exchange just because they are more time consuming. We usually bring a few different sets of cookies each, we are not part of the super annal group who send out invites with specific rules on how many cookies and what kind to make. We are all about the camaraderie and eating and if a some get packed and saved for friends and family it was their lucky day.

Here are some of the crazier rules I found online:

1. All cookies should be homemade, baked and the main ingredient must be flour (Flour? As opposed to what? I guess fudge is out!) 2. No plain chocolate chip cookies, cookie mixes, no-bakes, meringues or bars (some of those are damn good, and my sister makes a mean chocolate chip cookie) 3. RSVP as soon as you can and let me know what type of cookies you are planning on baking – no duplicate recipes allowed (yeah right, I’m baking the night before and they’re a surprise – so live with it) 4. If you don’t have time to bake, or have burnt your cookies, but still want to attend, you must go to a real bakery and buy 6 dozen yummy cookies. (if I don’t have time to bake then I sure as hell don’t have time to go to the “real” bakery, I’ll be there for taste testing only).

I think this lady would have kicked my butt to the curb along with my boring pretzels and no flour fudge!

You can check out our Pinterest boards for great recipe ideas or try these two yummy recipes below. I will take some pictures of our great creations next week!

Molasses Crinkles

Carnation Fudge